Components Corp


May 15th 2012

Denville, NJ (April 1, 2011) Components Corporation, manufacturer of precision printed circuit board interconnect products,  announced  today the versatile  surface mounted  TP-108 Series of printed circuit board Test Points are now  available in silver-plate, a direct cross to the industry  familiar 5000 Series.  This economical replacement for other manufacturers’ test point products is offered with a  .0001" Min. Silver over .00005" Min. Copper  plate

The secure holding,  sub-miniature  TP-108 Series Surface Mount Test Point was designed to provide a secure anchoring point for miniature test points and j-hooks. The loop configuration of the TP-108 holds probes fast, without the slippage and painful punctures common to posts or turrets. The TP-108's small footprint - about the same as a 1206 chip capacitor - and ultra-low profile are ideally suited for advanced surface mount printed circuit board applications. All of Components Corporation's line of surface mount and through-hole test points are field-proven, with applications ranging from consumer electronics to medical and aerospace technology and beyond.

The TP-108 is manufactured from spring tempered phosphor bronze flat wire using a proprietary process that yields a long life and absolute durability. The use of flat wire provides a larger surface area for mounting, important when considering the mechanical stresses common to the testing process. In addition to .0001 minimum silver over .00005 minimum copper, the TP-108 Test Point is available .0001 minimum silver over .00005 minimum copper with a .0001 minimum matte tin finish over .0001 nickel plate, is available in, and is compatible with the reflow soldering process.  Units are supplied in tape and reel format on 7" reels for automatic placement systems. The tape format is 8mm wide by 4mm pitch. Black conductive carrier tape conforms to the ANSI/EIA-48 I standard.

Manufactured using Components Corporation’s proprietary technology to ensure the highest standards in performance, products may be confidently specified for use in a wide range of mission-critical applications, all abiding by the current RoHS Directive 2002/95/EC as well as REACH Regulations EC 1907/2006.

        Components Corporation offers complete engineering and application assistance on these and all of their board level interconnection products.   Current product data is available at their website

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