Custom Wireform Manufacturing
Custom Wireform Manufacturing

Custom Wireform Manufacturing

At Components Corporation, custom is standard. Components Corporation’s advanced skills in custom wire form manufacturing precision alloy materials to strict specifications have resulted in thousands of specialized wireform products for the electronics packaging industry.

Given basic requirements or dimensions, Components Corporation is able to deliver an economical, perfectly -functioning part in any volume. A unique feature of both our custom wireform and standard products is their ability to function in extremely harsh conditions. All of our products are ROHS and REACH compliant.

Custom Products

We custom manufacture wireform interconnect products such as, connector contacts, spring contacts, test points, terminals, jumpers, retaining clips, ground clips and shielding contacts for any board application.  With roots as an R & D company founded in the early 1940s, we’ve earned our “no failure” reputation by solving a range of vexing puzzles for over 70 years.

There are few other companies that have contributed more enhancements to the science of building better-printed circuit boards than Components Corporation.  From the original DIGI-KLIP series of gastight, board-to-board interconnection devices, Components Corporation has provided a great deal of enabling technology to an industry that insists on both performance and cost-efficiency.

Our engineers can guide you in choosing the right materials for the perfect match to your specifications and work with you throughout the design process, and our customer service professionals strictly adhere to lead times for a stress-free experience.  A strong team concept and the ability to anticipate the changing needs of our customer with innovative solutions has positioned Components Corporation as a leader in custom wireform manufacturing.

As our company has grown, we now offer a broad range of standard interconnect products to our customers, but we have maintained a sharp focus on our custom wireform manufacturing capabilities for the unique needs of individual customers.

Custom Wireform Manufacturing Applications