Silver Plated Test Points
silver plated test point

SMT Printed Circuit Board Silver Plated Test Points

The fabricators of SMT printed circuit boards may take advantage of the convenience of field testing with the unique loop design of Components Corporation's TP-107  and TP-108 series of surface mounted, printed circuit test points is now available in silver-plate for outstanding reliability.  All products are RoHS and REACH compliant.

TP-107 and TP-108 Silver-Plated Series

The TP-107 and TP-108 Series of loop profile, surface mount, test points are available with .0001" minimum silver over .00005" minimum copper for specific applications. The product is manufactured using Components Corporation's proprietary technology, assuring the highest possible performance.


TP-107 Series

The silver-plated TP-107 Series loop-profile test points for surface mounting on PCBs offers positive and secure location for most commercially available spring-loaded test clips and probes while providing a strong bond to the surface mount PCB to accommodate for mechanical stress. . The TP-107 Series achieves this through the spiral wrap of its flat wire design resulting in a mounting surface footprint almost double the area of surface adhesion beyond the dimensions of the wire loop material. This allows a bond to the board which averages 18 lbs. of force to dislodge the test point from its soldered junction. TP-107 Series test points are formed from a phosphor bronze flat wire alloy.


TP-108 Series

The silver-plated TP-108 Series provides a secure anchoring point for the miniature test probes and j-hooks. This user-friendly, sub-miniature test point holds probes fast to prevent slippage. The TP-108’s small footprint, about the same as a 1206 chip capacitor, and ultra-low profile are perfect for advanced surface mount printed circuit board applications. The TP-108 Series is available on tape and reel.

  • Quality products built to the highest standards—Components Corporation products are designed to give you the best performance with reliable, repeatable test results. All products are compliant with Directive 2015/863/EU RoHS and EU Regulation EC 1907/2006.
  • Fast delivery of your order—We have a large inventory available for expedient processing and delivery.
  • Competitive prices—Components Corporation offers competitive pricing on matte tin test points manufactured to the highest standards.

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