There are few companies that have contributed to the science of building better printed circuit boards as Components Corporation has. From the original DIGI-KLIP series of gastight, board-to-board interconnection devices, on to the steady flow of new printed circuit hardware and test points, Components Corporation has provided a great deal of enabling technology to industries that insist on both performance and cost-efficiency.

All of the Components Corporation products have provided essential solutions to the problems faced by board designers, builders, and technicians in many industries worldwide. Much of our skill in board-level product improvement and application technology can be traced to our beginnings as a successful research and development company. We’ve established a “no failure” reputation with our wireform interconnect products by providing a range of solutions for the space flight, aviation, medical and electronics industries with specialized high-performance connector designs. 

A recurring theme at Components Corporation is that of reliability. One of the unique features of the product line has always been the ability to function as advertised in extremely harsh conditions or in applications where reliability relates directly to safety.

Components Corporation is represented worldwide by a network of manufacturers’ rep firms and generally shipped through distribution. This allows for fast local service and supply, virtually anywhere, anytime, with CAD services available from our plant location. Our engineering and customer service personnel are ready for technical support at any time.

While adherence is to proper procedures is strictly controlled, the process itself is consistently adjusted and improved as new products, applications and technology are introduced and new criteria emerge. The process is purely results-oriented and follows the product path from start to finish. Components Corporation products are used in a range of industries including military, aviation, space flight, medical, and more.

Components Corporation’s range of interconnect products include:

Medical Devices

Medical Device Interconnect

Products that have become vital to the medical and healthcare industries.

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Security Electronics

Security Interconnect

Products for security systems in consumer, commercial & industrial applications.

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Industrial Electronics

Industrial Interconnect

Products that range for industrial, military, commercial & consumer customers.

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