Innovation Commitment
Components Corp

Innovation Commitment

October 10th 2015

Components Corporation, Your Experienced, Trusted Leader in Innovative Interconnect Solutions

At Components Corporation our years of experience have kept us focused on providing innovative, essential interconnect solutions to the problems faced by board designers, builders and technicians worldwide.  Much of our skill in board-level product improvement and application technology can be traced to our strong history in successful research and development.

Now concentrating strictly on board-level hardware, our early development challenges in developing solutions in space flight, aviation, medical and fledging electronics applications have given Component’s Corporation a talent for anticipating that every new product has to be smaller, faster, less costly and more functional on rapidly shrinking board real estate.

With a dedicated “no failure” policy, Components Corporation remains the leading manufacturer in Printed Circuit Wireform Interconnect Products. We’ve earned our reputation as being the driving, innovative force in the development of circuit board hardware technology

Some of our product line includes:

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