TP-104 Color-Coded PC
Components Corp

TP-104 Series Color-Coded PC

May 15th 2012

The TP-104 incorporates all of the design features of all Component's test points solid non-slip grip of test clips and probes, low profile, single hole wave-solderable mounting, and the elimination of skin punctures suffered by users of wrap posts as substitute test points.

The TP-104 is furnished in 30-position breakaway strips with 0.125" centers that make storage, handling and even tandem installations a snap. Component's special hand tool #1040 further enhances board mounting with test point separating, gripping and positioning functions accomplished in one easy motion. Standard TP-104 colors are red and black, with special colors available on order.

The TP-104 can be ordered pre-cut to any number of positions up to 30. Individual and tandem units hold securely when inserted in .062" diameter holes for soldering operation. The rectangular passage in the TP-104's molded standoff maintains wire form alignment, important in tandem installations.

Manufactured using Components Corporation’s proprietary technology to ensure the highest standards in performance, products may be confidently specified for use in a wide range of mission-critical applications.

Certificate of Compliance with Directive 2015/863/EU RoHS and EU Regulation EC 1907/2006

This is to certify that Components Corporation designs, manufactures and supplies products to our customers that are in compliance with Directive 2015/863/EU RoHS and EU Regulation EC 1907/2006. This also pertains to procurement of raw material, component parts and processes.

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