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About Us

With our years of commitment to electronics industry professionals, Components Corporation remains the leading wireform interconnect product manufacturer today.  We strive to meet the challenges put forth in the development of circuit board interconnect products with our “no failure” credo.. From the developments of the DIGI-KLIP® series of free-standing card edge connectors to the classic TP Series of printed circuit test points, we have built a reputation as the trusted, innovative force in the development of circuit board hardware technology.

Our wide-range of circuit board interconnect products includes:


Offering More than Just “Out-of-the-Box” Solutions
Components Corporation, being a card edge connector manufacturer, has always prided itself as being able to supply custom wireform products to our customers. Because of our advanced skill in developing these products, we are able to offer customers the option of creating their own precision-crafted wireform product tailor-fit to meet their needs.

We are able to stand behind the quality of our work and assure its integrity.

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Meeting the Demand
With our host of certified product distributors, we are able to deliver our full-line of circuit board interconnect products in a timely manner anywhere in the country or around the world. Working in conjunction with a network of regional manufacturing sales representatives, we can maintain our promise of providing the finest customer service unparalleled in the industry.

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Why We Do What We Do
Above all else, customer satisfaction is our hallmark. Offering the highest quality and most innovative products available and providing exemplary customer service are what sets us apart from the competition. See why clients come back to us again and again for their circuit board technology needs and contact us today.

In memory of Jerry B. Minter, Founder and President of Components Corporation