Preform Jumpers and Color-Coded Test Points
Components Corp

SJ Series of Preform Jumpers and Color–Coded Test Points

October 25th 2015

Components Corporation's cost-effective SJ Series of preform jumpers provide the solution to your printed circuit printed circuit applications. The time saving jumpers eliminate cutting and stripping and the bending of wire manually insuring uniformity and reducing the risk of failure. They are available in numerous standard sizes and spacing dimensions.

The SJ-Series

The SJ-Series is the first true surface mount jumper, featuring an ultra-low profile, while providing sufficient clearance for circuit board paths, requiring no expensive or time-consuming insulation. Compatible with automated placement and soldering equipment, the SJ-Series is delivered on 7" (1000 piece) tape and reel.

Advantages of Our Test Points

The Series of Single-Molded, color-coded test points, eliminate the standard cut edge. The color-coded plastic stand-offs of the new TP-104, TP-105 and TP-106 enhance visibility for easy polarization and identification on a crowded circuit board. Now available without a “burr.”

The loop-configured TP-104 adds a plastic standoff that boosts visibility and allows for easy polarization and identification. The TP-104 incorporates all of the design features of all Component's test points –Color coded, solid non-slip grip of test clips and probes, low profile, single hole wave-solderable and the elimination of skin punctures suffered by users of wrap posts as substitute test points The TP 104 is also now available without a “burr.”

The TP-105 offers a loop profile for positive test probe retention. The 105 fits in the popular .035" diameter hole size. The above board profile is substantially below that of headers and other devices used as test points accommodating a refit without any printed circuit board layout re-design costs, significantly reducing test point height and improving function. The TP-105 is now available without a “burr.”

The oval loop design of the TP-106 contact provides a profile which stands above crowded circuitry, offers a positive anchor for spring loaded clips or probe tips and is large enough to terminate conventional alligator clips. The color-coded standoff of the TP-106 is designed to withstand the temperatures of production wave soldering processes and resist board cleaning solvents or chemicals. TP-106 is manufactured as a single molded part now without a “burr.”

All parts are manufactured utilizing our proprietary technology to ensure the highest standards in performance. Products may be confidently specified for use in a wide range of mission-critical consumer, medical, and aerospace applications. All products abide by the current Directive 2015/863/EU RoHS and EU Regulation EC 1907/2006.

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