Surface Mount Jumpers


Component Corporation's SJ-Series is the first true surface mount technology jumper, developed specifically for SMT applications. A low-cost solution that eliminates the need for zero ohm resistors or other even less acceptable substitutions, the SJ-Series is a flat wireform that offers stability, strength, and reliability when mounted. Manufactured using proprietary Components Corporation methods, this jumper has a matte tin finish for the highest possible performance.

The SJ-Series features an ultra-low profile, yet offers sufficient clearance for circuit board paths, requiring no expensive or time-consuming insulation. Compatible with automated placement and soldering equipment, the SJ-Series is delivered on 7" (1000 piece) tape and reel.

Plating specifications for this product have been revised to comply with the Restriction of Hazardous in Electrical Equipment (RoHS) Directive.

SJ Series Jumper


Contact Material: #C110 Copper Flat Wire

Finish: .0001" Matte Tin over .00005 Nickel

Package Size: 7" Diam: 1,000 pieces per reel

Taping Specification: 8mm Wide; Pitch: 4mm; Conductive Polycarbonate Carrier Meets ANSI/EIA-481 Standard


Electrical: Maximum Current: 2.0 amperes

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