Matte Tin Test Points
matte tin test point

Matte Tin Test Points


Tin Printed Circuit Board Test Points: TP and ATP Series

The TP and ATP-Series are the two groups of  matte tin test points available from Components Corporation. Components Corporation has put over 60 years of experience into producing the finest printed circuit board test points for the most hazardous field testing applications.  The TP-Series was designed ttinhrough Components Corporation’s proprietary technology and are manufactured with product specific materials for the most stringent testing requirements.

The ATP-Series of loop-profile Auto Insertable matte tin test points is fully compatible with automated, mass assembly processes. These units are supplied on a tape-and-reel format which conforms to most radial leaded, component insertion machines and complies with the taping specifications of Universal Instruments Corporation

The loop-profile TP-Series of matte tin test points from Components Corporation are available with a broad range of color coding options  for visibility and identification, and will accommodate a variety of mounting and hole dimensions.  Products in the TP-Series  of test points can dramatically reduce above board heights.  The above board profile is substantially below that of headers and other devices used as test points. Thus, a re-fit can be accomplished without any printed circuit board layout re-design costs, while significantly reducing test point height and improving function.

The unique loop profiles of products in the TP-Series insure a secure anchor for spring loaded test hooks and scope probes; and technicians need no longer fear puncture wounds when involved in circuit "Trouble Shooting." 


Tin Printed Circuit Board Test Point Benefits

    • Quality products built to the highest standards—Components Corporation products are  designed to give you the best performance with reliable, repeatable test results. All products are compliant with Directive 2011/65/EU RoHS and EU Regulation EC 1907/2006


    • Fast delivery of your order—We have a large inventory available  for expedient processing and delivery.


  • Competitive prices—Components Corporation offers competitive pricing on matte tin test points manufactured to the highest standards.