Components Corp

ATP-402 Series

Auto Insertable, Tape & Reel Test Points


ATP-402 series test points provide a convenient loop profiled anchor for the board level "troubleshooting" of today's densely populated electronic circuits in a configuration which is fully compatible with automated, mass assembly processes. These units are supplied on a tape-and-reel format that conforms to most radial leaded, component insertion machines and complies with the taping specifications of Universal Instruments Corporation.

Within the ATP-402 series, there are two choices of test points. The ATP -402-1O provides an oval configured loop and has mounting leads on .100" centers. The ATP-402-20 is a lower profiled device with an "above board" height of .150" and mounting leads on .200" centers. Both of these units are formed from .020" diameter copper wire, have an electro tin finish and are packaged on standard reels of 5000.

Specifications & Materials

Contact Material: .020" diameter copper wire (24 AWG)

Finish: Bright, electro-tin

Standard Pack: 5000 pieces per reel

Taping Standard: Universal Instruments Specification #GS-187E


Certificate of Compliance with Directive 2015/863/EU RoHS and EU Regulation EC 1907/2006

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