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DIGI-KLIP High Performance


The patented DIGI-KLIP®, free-standing card edge interconnect system is based upon a unique contact principle, distinctive from traditional methods of connector fabrication. The DIGI-KLIP® contact is formed from soft beryllium copper alloy wire and heat-treated after forming, while typical card edge contacts are progressive die-stamped from mill-hardened strip stock. This makes the DIGI-KLIP a high-performance card edge contact. 

DIGI-KLIP High Performance Date Contacts

Significant advantages in contact structure and performance result from this manufacturing process. Post forming heat treatment utilizes the full potential of the beryllium copper alloy in optimizing the spring temper of the contact and enhancing its ability to withstand stress relaxation. Due to the forming of the contact profile from soft material, relatively small bend radii may be employed while alloying for a very compact overall design which provides space savings and an extremely short signal path.

Additionally, the DIGI-KLIP® contact point provides a "ball" type footprint. This feature insures an extremely high unit pressure at the mating junction which guarantees a "gas tight" interconnect while offering a true "wiping action" contact. This capability is of particular advantage in today's high speed, low level switching environments. In these critical applications, the most minute presence of surface oxides, film or contamination can result in loss of signal or contact disruption.

Contact Style Choices

Typical DIGI-KLIP contact styles

All DIGI-KLIP® free-standing card edge contacts are designed for use in "board-to-board" interconnect applications. There are four series from which to choose, and all of them are provided pre-loaded on disposable injection molded carrier strips for mass mounting, alignment and soldering.

  • SRP SERIES: standard single row applications; for 0.062" daughter card mating; available in increments of 0.100", 0.150" and 0.156".
  • DRP SERIES: standard dual row applications; for 0.062" daughter card mating; available in increments of 0.100", 0.150" and 0.156".
  • SMA SERIES: micro-miniature single row applications; for 0.062" daughter card mating; available in increments of 0.050" and 0.100".
  • SMP SERIES: micro-miniature single row applications; for 0.031" daughter card mating; available in increments of 0.050" and 0.100"

Performance Specifications for High-Speed Applications

The following parameters are expressed for the SRP series DIGI-KLIP contact as a typical example of the performance of these products in high speed digital switching environments.

Hertzian Stress versus Board Thickness

Hertzian Stress

This calculation, expressed in thousands of pounds per square inch, has come to be recognized as a more valid predictor of reliability than normal force for demanding interconnect applications. Hertzian stress is a formula which incorporates normal force with such factors as actual contact surface area, mating component geometries and the modulus of elasticity of surface finishes. A minimum Hertzian stress value of 250 Kpsi has been established for prediction of long term reliability in a single contact design.

Performance Values Comparison

Three significant measurements can strongly affect the performance of an interconnect system in today's high speed/low level switching applications. These are: adjacent contact capacitance, inductance and propagation delay (contact rise time). The chart depicted below shows a comparison of these values between an SRP series contact and several other popular card edge contact profiles.

Performance Values

Performance Values of SRP series contacts

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