Printed Circuit Test Points
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Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Test Points

The TP and ATP Series are the two groups of printed circuit board (PCB) test points available from Components Corporation. PCB test points are offered in Bright Electro Tin and Silver Plated material options. Components Corporation has put over 60 years of experience into producing the finest printed circuit board test points. The test points in the TP and ATP series lines are designed to satisfy a range of applications. 

Applications of PCB Test Points

Components Corporation is committed to supplying the test points that suit your requirements, and we provide product samples upon request. When you trust our engineering team with your circuit board test point manufacturing, you’ll enjoy total satisfaction, client-focused service and unparalleled follow-through. In addition, our parts are compliant with the current Directive 2011/65/EU RoHS and EU Regulation EC 1907/2006.

Unsure of which PCB test point is right for you? Our staff is here to help! Contact Components Corporation today and we will get back to you soon. Or visit our PCB test points FAQ page to learn more about PCB test points in general.

Our Unique Line of PCB Test Points

ATP-402 Series

Learn more about the ATP Series with a loop profiled anchor.

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TP-101 Series

Low cost, printed circuit mounted test point jumper.

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TP-102 Series

Formed from phosphor bronze alloy wire with spring tempered, flared leads.

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TP-103 Series

Formed from a phosphor bronze alloy, two part numbers are available in the TP-103 series.

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TP-104 Series

Offers plastic standoff for easy visibility, polarization and identification.

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TP-105 Series

Can be purchased pre-cut to any specified number of positions from 1 to 40.

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TP-106 Series

Our line of oval profile, color-coded printed circuit board test points.

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TP-107 Series

Readily accepts most commercially available spring clips and probes.

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TP-108 Series

Designed to provide a secure anchoring point for miniature test points and j-hooks.

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