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TP-103 Series

Phosphor Bronze Test Points


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With the incorporation of the TP-103 series of printed circuit board mounted test points, significant improvement in function, profile and safety may be realized over the use of .025" square wire wrap posts, the unique loop profiles of these units insure a secure anchor for spring loaded test hooks and scope probes; above board heights are dramatically reduced and technicians need no longer fear puncture wounds when involved in circuit "Trouble Shooting."

Formed from a phosphor bronze alloy, TP-103 test points fit in the same hole diameters formerly occupied by wrap posts. No re-design costs are involved in the application of this product series.

Two part numbers are available in the TP-103 series: The TP-103-02-T offers a loop height of .200" and provides sufficient profile for most conventional printed circuit board designs. The TP-103-03-T is an ultra low profile version compatible with the component height dimensions of surface mount devices.

Offered in Matte Tin and Silver Plated options.

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Contact Material: .017" diameter Phosphor Bronze #510 Alloy
Finish: .0001 Matte Tin over .00005 Nickel


Mounting Holes: .040" diameter, (minimum) plated through hole
TP-103-02 = .200"
TP-103-03 = .100"


Maximum Current: 2.0 amperes

Special Notations:

A convenient, inexpensive hand tool (model #1020) is available to facilitate placement of TP-103 test points during assembly operations.


TP-103 Contacts

TP103 series Contacts

*Note: Leads flared to provide retention in the printed circuit board.

Part number TP-103-02 is suitable for the majority of standard board applications. Specify part number TP103-03 for extremely low profile for surface mount compatibility.

Ordering Information

Ordering Information

Offered in Matte Tin and Silver Plated Options