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MC-27 Fuse Clips

The MC-27 fuse clip provides a rugged, economical and reliable method for the termination of fuses on printed circuit boards. Formed from the highest quality beryllium copper alloy, the MC-27 series is superior in spring quality to its stamped counterparts at less cost. Unlike traditional fuseholders, the MC-27 is produced on high speed wire form machines with no scrap material reflected in its cost. MC-27s are precision heat treated after forming for optimum spring temper.

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This unique manufacturing process insures a reliable device capable of withstanding up to 400 Gs of force without dislodging the fuse; the concentrated force of the contact point permits current ratings up to 10 amperes.

Priced below comparable devices made from inferior spring materials, the MC-27 provides fuse contact and retention qualities not previously available in consumer and industrial applications.

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Contact Material: .031" diameter BeCu wire (#25 alloy)
Finish: Bright, Electro-Tin .0001"


Mounting Holes: Two, .036" diameter +/- .003"


Maximum Current: 10 amperes


Retention Force: 900 grams/pair, typical


MC-27 Contacts

MC-27 Contacts

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Ordering Information