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Single Readout, Free Standing, Board to Board Interconnect System


  • SRP100 = .100" x .250", 26 contacts per carrier maximum
  • SRP150 = .150" x .250", 16 contacts per carrier maximum
  • SRP156 = .156" x .250", 22 contacts per carrier maximum


Contact Material: .0201" diameter beryllium copper wire, heat treated after forming


Module Board Thickness: .062" +/-.007"
Carrier Strip Material: Glass filled polyester, disposable, available in any combination from two contacts to maximum carrier length. Multiple carriers may be mounted in tandem to achieve any contact configuration.
Insert/Withdrawal Life: Greater than 5000 cycles without increase in contact resistance or reduction in contact pressure
Contact Normal Force: 4.0 oz., typical per contact with .062" nominal printed circuit board
Mounting Holes: .028" diameter, plated-through


Contact resistance: less than .005 ohm per contact
Maximum Current: 2.0 amperes per contact

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  • Multiple Path Contact Redundancy
  • Low Installed Cost
  • Unmatched Flexibility in Contact Placement
  • Patented Wiping Action Contact

The DIGI-KLIP® SRP series of free-standing card edge contacts employs Components Corporation's proven wire form technology, reliably applied in electronic packaging designs since 1962. SRP contacts are formed from high grade, beryllium copper alloy wire and heat treated for optimum spring temper after forming.

Available in convenient, disposable carrier strips, the DIGI-KLIP SRP series may be specified in any number of contact positions in all of the popular industry spacing increments. Additionally, non-periodic contact deletions may be accommodated at no cost premium.

Due to its patented wiping action contact point with exceptionally high pressure, the SRP series finds particular applications in demanding, low level switching designs. The unique wire form beryllium copper construction provides a degree of contact reliability unmatched in card edge connector systems. Despite exceptional contact integrity, the SRP series is competitively priced when compared to traditional card edge connectors employing inferior contact alloy materials.

Certificate of Compliance with Directive 2011/65/EU RoHS and EU Regulation EC 1907/2006

This is to certify that Components Corporation designs, manufactures and supplies products to our customers that are in compliance with Directive 2011/65/EU RoHS and EU Regulation EC 1907/2006. This also pertains to procurement of raw material, component parts and processes.


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SRP Section

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SRP Dimension Chart

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