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Micro-Miniature, Single Row, Free-Standing Card Edge Contacts


  • SMP050/SMA050: .050" centerline spacing, maximum of 50 contacts per carrier strip
  • SMP100/SMA100: .100" centerline spacing, maximum of 25 contacts per carrier strip


Contact Material: #172 alloy .012" diameter beryllium copper wire, heat treated after forming


Module Board Thickness:
SMP = .031" +/- .004"
SMA = .062" +/- .005"
Carrier Strip Material: 30% glass filled polyester thermoplastic, disposable, available to cut to length from four contacts to maximum available for series selected
Mounting Holes: .018" diameter


Contact resistance: Less than .005 ohm per contact
Maximum Current: 1.0 ampere per contact

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The DIGI-KLIP® SMP/SMA Series, micro-miniature free-standing card edge interconnect system provides the lowest profile and highest density available for the card edge interconnect of two printed circuit boards.

The unique wireform contacts are manufactured from annealed beryllium copper alloy and heat treated after forming for spring temper. The proprietary concept produces free-standing card edge contacts which exhibit superior stress relaxation characteristics, a "wiping action" "gas tight" junction and low contact resistance.

Whether the SMP series (for .031" mating board) or the SMA Series (for .062" mating board) is selected, significant space savings may be achieved. Both contact styles have an above board height of .120" and require mounting holes of only .120" centers.

Choice of adjacent contact spacing is .050" for the SMP050 or SMA050 and .100" for the SMP100 and SMA100 Series. Any combination of single row contacts may be provided from 4 through 50 (SMP050/SMA050) or 4 through 25 (SMP100/SMA100), on convenient, disposable carrier strips.

Although designed for single row application, the contact geometry of the SMP/SMA Series provides dual path potential for further contact integrity.

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SMP/SMA Contacts

SMP/SMA contacts

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SMP/SMA carrier strip

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SMP/SMA board layout

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