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Dual Readout, .200" Row Spacing for .062 PC Board


  • DRP100: .100" x .200", 26 contact pairs per carrier maximum
  • DRP150: .150" x .200", 16 contact pairs per carrier maximum
  • DRP156: .156" x .200", 22 contact pairs per carrier maximum


Contact Material: .0201" diameter beryllium copper wire, heat treated after forming


Module Board Thickness: .062" +/- .007"
Carrier Strip Material: Glass filled polyester, disposable, available in any combination from two contact pairs to maximum carrier length. Multiple carriers may be mounted in tandem to achieve any contact configuration.
Insert/Withdrawal Life: Greater than 5000 cycles without increase in contact resistance or reduction in contact pressure.
Contact Normal Force: 4.0 oz., typical per contact with .062" nominal PC board
Mounting Holes: .031" diameter, plated-through


Contact Resistance: Less than .005 ohm per contact
Maximum Current: 3.0 amperes per contact

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Product Description

System Description: The DIGI-KLIP® DRP series of dual readout, free-standing card edge connectors represents a major advancement in packaging technology for the reliable mating of printed circuit boards. At the heart of the DRP design is Components Corporation's proven wire form contact principle, a patented contact system successfully applied in single readout formats since 1962.

Contact Principle: The premise is simple: to provide long term and reliable contact in demanding applications, a card edge contact must be a good spring. The connector must exhibit no reduction in pressure over years of mated service, and it must provide a "wiping action." The DRP series contact, successor to the patented single readout DIGI-KLIP, is manufactured from the highest grade beryllium copper alloy wire which is heat treated for optimum spring temper after forming. Because of this design and process, the resulting contact provides a true wiping action point contact with exceptionally high unit force. This allows for a "gas tight" mating junction, eliminating the need for precious metal plating in most applications. Consistent contact normal forces are insured, regardless of time or multiple insertion/withdrawal cycles.

Design Flexibility: The DRP series is supplied in disposable, molded carrier strips to facilitate mounting and positioning during soldering operations. Any combination of contact pairs may be applied in .100", .150" or .156" increments; row spacing grid is the popular .200" for all types. Contact pair deletions may be specified without cost premium. The carrier strips are removed after soldering and discarded or returned for credit and re-use.

Space Savings: The DRP presents the lowest profile of any card edge connector system available today. Total slot depth is .260" and module board "fingers" may be as short as .130". Overall contact pair width is a mere .270" and .350" with carrier in place.

Cost Savings: Since the DIGI-KLIP design is made from a wire form, there is virtually no scrap material reflected in the cost of the contact. The exclusive, "gas tight" point contact eliminates the need for precious metal plating on the connector and the circuit board tab. The versatility of the DRP carrier strip mounting system, with its unlimited combination of contact pairs, allows the designer the flexibility to apply only the exact number of terminations necessary; there is no need to specify a "standard" contact configuration which often results in unused termination positions.

Industry Compatibility: The DIGI-KLIP DRP series conforms to the popular .200" row spacing grid. This standardization allows the designer the confidence to apply the unique advantages of the DRP series without the concern over sole sourcing, and many existing products may be re-designed to incorporate this superior contact system with minimal re-tooling.

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This is to certify that Components Corporation designs, manufactures and supplies products to our customers that are in compliance with Directive 2011/65/EU RoHS and EU Regulation EC 1907/2006. This also pertains to procurement of raw material, component parts and processes.


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